Sunday, July 08, 2007

Life, Death, and My Internet Buddies

I think about death a lot.

What will be the cause of my demise? Will it be sudden or long and drawn out? Will I have the chance to say farewell to my friends and family? The ones I haven't seen in years, the ones I haven't yet told how much I love them, the ones who haven't told me how much they love me - will there be time to get it all said and done before my day of final departure arrives?

Once I pass away, what will become of this shell that has housed my spirit for all these years? Who will come to celebrate my life and tell my children what I have meant to them? How will they know when I'm gone? How will you, patient reader, know?

I think about that last question a lot. Will anyone go into my email account and send a message to everyone in my address book? What about all the folks whose numbers are entered into my cell phone? My high school and college friends - how will they find out? Actually, I have a letter in the closet in my study room that gives clear instructions on this matter - so take note, Kristiana.

For the second time, I read this amazing blog tonight. Being the techno-novice that I am, I still don't know how to make real links on this blog. (Andrew, you still owe me a lesson on uploading photos. I'll be adding the creation of links to the lesson.) So paste this link into your line up there at the top of the screen and hit "go." It's a long blog, but one of the most touching tributes to life, death, family, love, and tenderness that I have ever read. So go check it out. But before you go, you'd better grab a tissue or two.

PS. A dear friend, Ian Cron, penned these words to a song he sang a few years ago. "If I never said He loves you, if I never said 'I love you,' I tell you now."
I do love you. Very much.

Mi manchi - sai.

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Lisa in Ohio said...

Ditto for me on all those questions about death and my life. Thank you for acknowledging that you ask them. I so helps to know we're not alone in our wonderings/wanderings.

If you send me an email, (you can find the address on my blog), I will tell you what I know about how to do pictures and links in a blog. It's not hard at all!

Take care,