Thursday, February 08, 2007

There are moments...

when silence is the only answer.

when laughter is the only reasonable response.

when tears flow without explanation.

when a guttural moan expresses everything I need to say.

when a song reminds me of a friend far away.

when a cup of coffee in a special mug does the same.

when discovering a forgotten stash of cash is a perfectly timed miracle.

when a hot shower is all I need.

when darkness makes The Light of Life ever brighter.

when a bright red sweater offsets the blackened edges of my loneliness.

when the voice of a friend, in person, recorded on an answering machine,
or imagined as I read a written message, puts me back on the right path.

when closing my eyes and opening my heart center me on and in His Divine Presence.

when poetry read to the children sets my spirit to dancing.

when the sound of their laughter at my antics reminds me to laugh at myself.

when an embrace on the couch lays all the anger to rest.

when lunch with one friend and coffee with another on the same day
are two perfectly timed gifts from The One Who Loves Me Most.

when a photo takes me back to that place where I turned around
and you were looking at me already. Smiling.

when this breath, this moment, this instant are more than enough.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

There are moments....
when reading someone's blog really touches my heart.

thanks Gail.