Saturday, July 08, 2006

A mixed day, a good day.

My mother had an early flight to Philadelphia; her sister, my aunt Betty died. I was up early to go get my mother and take her to the airport.

I couldn't go with her because my mother-in-law isn't doing well in her ongoing battle against manic-depression these days. I don't want to leave Steve alone with the children when I know he is so preoccupied with his mother's health.

Another reason I stayed behind was the wedding of two new friends that I hope will become good friends. It was a beautiful ceremony. It was a delightful reception - small, intimate, no assigned seats, a buffet of tasty morsels, and gorgeous children toddling all around the reception room. The only people I knew were the Pastor who performed the ceremony and the newlyweds. I am glad to say that I met a kind, warm, and most friendly couple and spent over an hour talking and laughing with them.

This afternoon, Maya, our Yorkie, swallowed a plum pit. The vet says it's the same size as her digestive tract, so now we wait. If it doesn't pass through her by this time tomorrow, we'll be off for x-rays and possibly surgery.

After the wedding and reception, I came home, changed my clothes, and returned to the church for a family day event hosted by the Latino congregation of our church. I ran around the field chasing the soccer ball with a few children, talked and laughed with several of the folks there, and came home to wash dishes, play games, and tuck the children into bed.

A new marriage.
Poop watch.
Rummikub with Kristiana.
Washed two cars with the kids.
Time with family and friends in the great outdoors.
Good food, great conversation, and silly jokes.
Soccer, volleyball, catch, and walking the dog.
Reading and writing over an early morning jolt of java alone at Starbucks.

A mixed day.
A good day.
Like so many other days.
I am thankful for it.
And I look forward to many more like it.

Go Federer!!! Go Italy!!!


Goddess of Leonie said...

blessings and gentleness to you sweet gail ~ it seems like there's so much happening right now.
sending you a breeze of sweet air right now ~

kristiana said...

You really are good at picking the right team/player! I am glad that you had a great Saturday, Mom. You deserved it.