Saturday, July 29, 2006

Home Alone and Happy about it.

Kristiana is at a friend's house.
Daniel is at a friend's house.
Steve went to see about his mother.
Maya is taking a nap a few feet away.
I am home alone.

I had one of those unforgettable fabulous moments today: I had just had another invigorating, eye-opening session with Jim, the best therapist in the whole wide world! "What are you feeling right now, Gail? Are you angry at her? Are you angry at him? Yes, I'm sure you are a great wife and fabulous Mom, but what about you? What are you going to do today to take care of yourself?" After considering a few possibilities, I settled on a solo lunch.

I ordered a Thai crunch salad: lettuce, cabbage, peanuts, edamame, chicken, dressing, and other ingredients I'm certain I've forgotten.
I ordered a mango mango mojito. (I always enjoy the minty sweetness of regular
mojitos, so I decided to try a variation on an old favorite.)

I almost fell off my seat. I almost wet my pants.
I pulled out my wallet as fast as I could and watched her forehead wrinkle, crinkle, and furrow as she did the math... yes, the 40-year-old got carded!!!

To add compliment to compliment, the waitress told me that she too is 40.
One 40-year-old didn't recognize another one.
She has no idea how happy she made me!

My husband said perhaps she just wanted me to feel good about myself
so I'd want to come back there and eat again.
Men!!! What does he know?

Sure, I've gotta go do laundry and clean the house.
Sure, I've gotta pack Daniel's clothes for camp next week.
But I'm home alone for a few hours.
And to a very fine waitress at a local pizza place,
I look young enough to get carded.

What more could I ask for?


Goddess of Leonie said...

that is glorious...

you are so very, very fabulous gail :)

doing the happy dance with and for you~

Virginia in Connecticut said...

Dear Gail,

Periodically I sign on to your blog and print out a batch. I love the way you write about simple everyday events from a Christian perspective. I am so happy that your medical problems turned out to be nothing. I can't imagine not being able to sign on to your blog. Your spirit is calming and inspiring!