Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From the sunrise to the sunset

My time at the beach was fantastic.
Enlightening. Encouraging.
Invigorating. Instructive.
Challenging. Quiet.
Cold. Comfortable.
Wanna see?

Driving over the bridge to Sunset Beach early Friday afternoon.
I like this image of driving over the edge...

Parked at the water's edge.

 I got bundled up and walked down to the beach.

 It was cold, but I was happy.

Sunset on Friday afternoon. 

 Sunrise on Saturday morning.

I chose the Hippie sandwich for lunch -
excellent name for an excellent sandwich.

The table where we read and wrote and shared and cried
and came up with our book project plans.

Sunset on Saturday afternoon.

My home away from home, The Bermuda Room, at The Sunset Inn.

My spirits and hopes rose with the sunrise and settled deep in my heart with the sunset.
From the sunrise to the sunset, I listened and learned and laughed.
I wandered and wondered. I played and prayed. 
Now I've just gotta keep my writing and editing momentum going.


Maureen Ryan Griffin said...

Loved sharing the weekend with you, Gail! Such a privilege to witness your book on its way into the world one powerful, courageous, heart-filled word at a time!

GailNHB said...

Maureen, thanks for all your teaching and encouragement. I'm making small steps, daily steps on my book project. It's happening. I'm excited and a little bit scared too.