Sunday, June 29, 2014

Keeping it Real: Happy Anniversary to me and my sweet man

Twenty-four years ago, he did this.

Can you read it?
When I read it, I cried. 
Of course, I cried.

He hit it out of the park with that proposal.

That's what we looked like then.

Twenty-three years ago today, we did this.

First came love.
Then came marriage.
Then she came along and needed a baby carriage.

Our first church photo album picture.
(Did you know that some churches make photo albums for their members?)
She has been photogenic right from the start.

On the occasion of our tenth wedding anniversary, 
I got back into my wedding dress and had new photos taken.
The kids were able to keep it a secret.
Steve was very surprised.

Twenty-three years of marriage. Mostly good times. Much laughter and travel and love and joy and fun with each other and our children. No one makes me laugh like my husband.
Some difficult times as well. Tears shed. Misunderstandings. Miscommunication. Lack of communication. The deaths of both of our fathers. Illness. Fear. Loss. No one makes me mad like my husband.

After four and a half years of dating and twenty-three years of marriage, more than half my life, I confess that I still love this man of mine. He still loves me. I still love the life we share - most of the time. (Just keeping it real, people. Keeping it REAL!)
Who knows? We just might last another twenty-three years.

Happy anniversary, my dear Steve. Thank you for everything you have done for me and been with me and given to me. I look forward to everything that is yet to come. I do love you. 
"And I will love you so for always." (This is the song he played when he proposed and was also the song we danced to for our first dance at the wedding reception.)


T Haggerty said...

No words. Well, okay only one... LOVELY

T Haggerty said...

No words. Well, okay... only one, LOVELY