Saturday, April 19, 2014

Solemn Saturday

In between the darkness of Maundy Thursday, the sorrow of Good Friday, and the glory of Easter morning is this day that almost never gets talked about. Solemn Saturday. Silent Saturday. Sad Saturday. The healer, the miracle worker, the one who walked on water, the one who fed thousands, was dead and buried. Gone.

Mary Magdalene and some of her friends had prepared to go back to the tomb the following day in order to properly deal with the body of their slain leader. One question they had was, "Who is going to move the stone from the entrance of the tomb?"

Which makes me ponder all the times I've asked a very similar question.
The times we all have.
Who is going to roll away the stone of fear?
The stone of disappointment?
The stone of disillusionment?
The stone of difficult relationships?
The stone of financial hardship?
The stone of divorce?
The stone of children in crisis?
The stone of unemployment?
The stone of bankruptcy?
The stone of kanswer and other illnesses?
The stone of loneliness?
The stone of bulimia and anorexia?
The stone of addiction?
The stone of perfectionism?
The stone of expecting that all those stones will be rolled away once and for all?

I've spent far too many days and nights sitting outside of the tombs of dead things and dead relationships in my life. Shed many tears. Pleaded for mercy and healing and grace and strength. And hoped and prayed for someone to come along and move the stone. I am fully aware that I can't move the big ones. I can't even budge them. Solemn days. Solemn nights.

But I am grateful that I can sit outside of those tombs with family and friends and other co-travelers on this life journey of mine and wait together for the One who was laid behind the stone 2000+ years ago to show up again and move the stones that are separating me from all that I am meant to have and be, all that I am meant to experience and rejoice in, all that He is and all that He has in store for me, for you, and for all people everywhere.

Somebody said, "Sometimes all you have to do is show up at the tomb with burial spices in hand in order to see a miracle."

Good, terrible, holy Friday has come and gone.
Solemn, silent, sorrowful Saturday is upon us.
But, hallelujah, Sunday is coming!
Hope is coming.
Love is coming.
Peace is coming.
New life is coming.
Just a few more hours until the celebration will begin again.


Amber Cadenas said...

This is stunning. I resonate so deeply with this concept of stones and tombs and waiting for life. You write beautifully. I wrote something similar today on my blog, so I feel a kindred spirit in you.

Karmen M. said...

I was just coming to share with you my friend Amber's post that was posted within the same hour as yours. Two sweet talented writers of the same thought. <3 you ladies both! Happy Easter!