Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I want this bumper sticker...


This sweet little fella

grew up to be this sleepy little guy
(yes, he is sound asleep on his feet in our bedroom)

and kept on growing until he became this big guy 
who is the best student in our one room, one student schoolhouse.
He is also the captain of the varsity tennis team.

Somehow I think a certain older sister 
might want to express her opinion 
on the matter of homeschooling excellence.
But she's all grown up now, 
no longer a student at our Silvermine Academy 
(hence the url for this blog...)
moving out of the nest in less than two months, 
heading off to sleepaway camp,
I mean college.
She will be a junior in college up in the mountains of North Carolina.
My baby girl is moving on up...
It doesn't seem possible that she is gonna to complete her 
associate's degree program in less than a month.
Where have the years gone?

I am a grateful Momma tonight. Two children I adore. 
Two children who seem to like me too.
What more could I ask for?
Thanks be to God.

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