Monday, September 30, 2013

Ten Days of Gratitude

I think about this blog every day. I think about what I want to write. What I want to share. I think about the people who read it. I pray for them, for you. You have shared your stories with me. You have shared your lives with me. And you certainly take precious time out of your days and nights to read my wandering thoughts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For the next ten days, I plan to write a daily post in which I share with you a few things, people, circumstances, situations, outcomes, moments that I am grateful for. Starting right now...

Today, Monday, September 30th, I am grateful for -

* the clear, warm, gorgeous days we have had here in Charlotte of late
* some excellent discussions I have had with my son while homeschooling

 * a handful of health - this is my daily regimen of supplements, vitamins, Juice Plus, and tamoxifen, all of which had BETTER be bringing goodness and strength into this body of mine
* the freshly pressed juices I make in the morning to wash down the handful of health pictured above
* the simple delight of freshly picked apples

* the fact that the ants that created this rather intricate anthill do not live in my house
* a wonderful little savings tip I picked up someplace recently: save $5 bills. Everytime I get them back in change from a purchase, I put them in an envelope and save them. I saved up more than $200 in less than three months. That money will be put to very good use in about ten days...
* Origins skincare - my daughter and I had facials at the Origins store this past Saturday. Felt great. Smelled great. My skin now looks great.

 * all this doggone hair! I have actually had it cut since I took this photo. Imagine that - enough hair to warrant a haircut.
* (re)discovering clothing that I love... in my closet. With the change of seasons and slightly cooler weather, I can pull out tops, skirts, and dresses I haven't worn in a while. Fun, fun.

 * this precious little boy is one of my buddies. He's turning 1 this coming Saturday. I can't wait to put on a party hat and celebrate his little life.
* my precious little boy who recently turned 17 and his older sister who will turn 20 in a few short weeks. I CANNOT believe that I will soon have a child who is OUT OF HER TEENS!!!

* the Jesuit Church here in Charlotte. I finally had a chance to see it last Friday. Of course, I lit two candles. Whenever I enter a church where I can light candles, I light two. One for myself. And one for love's sake. May the light of love warm and illuminate our homes, our nation, and our world.

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