Monday, August 12, 2013

Celebrating life and health

I spent this past weekend down in Largo, Florida, with my brother, Darryl, his wife, Noemi, and their family and friends. We danced. We ate. We drank. We danced some more. We laughed. We yelled. We told stories. We stayed up late. We got up early.

Noemi just turned 60 - which you could never tell by looking at her. To honor her 60 years of life and health, she celebrated by throwing a party/fundraiser in preparation for the 60 Mile Walk for the Susan G. Komen Fund for Breast Cancer Research. The DJ was awesome. The food was delicious. The company spectacular.

We celebrated life, health, friendship, love, family, and Noemi herself.
An awesome time was had by all.

 Did I mention that we danced? We did "the bump."
 (Thanks, Robin and Noemi for posting these photos on Facebook.)

Don't they have a fantastic backyard? 

 Yes, I sat above the wing on a propeller-powered airplane. 
Yes, I remain absolutely enamored with and fascinated by airplane travel. 

Photos of photos my brother had up in his house... 
hence, the blurry shots.
That's me in the front row, all the way to the right.
Family reunion from sometime back in the early 1970s. 
And these aren't even all my cousins!
Either Mount Olive, North Carolina or Chester, Pennsylvania.

That's me - in my dad's lap - and Darryl. 

The four of us outside of Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY.
Circa 1970.

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