Friday, July 05, 2013

Can I be thankful on Friday too?

Today I'm thankful that yesterday was too full to write my usual Thankful Thursday post.

What am I grateful for???
* two days in a row, Wednesday and Thursday, of exercising for 60 minutes at a time
* returning to Cardio Funk on Wednesday evening, the workout class that I have enjoyed for almost four years, except for the past seven months
* the way that the teacher of that class welcomed me back with open arms, many questions about my kanswer journey, and then shared a word of encouragement and support for me in front of the entire class
* going on a walk to Trader Joe's and CVS with Steve and Kristiana yesterday, more than a mile each way

* the independence we celebrated as a nation yesterday
* the independence, peace, and joy I can and do celebrate every day
* the peace, joy, and love I experience in my family and with my friends on a daily basis
* knowing that even when I'm not feeling loving, loveable, or even desirous of being loving, I am still loved

* Kim, my physical therapist is fantastic. We both realize that we are coming to end of our sessions together, and we are both genuinely sad about that.
* when I went to my appointment with her on Wednesday, I had prepared a speech at the end of which I would ask her to give me a new exercise band as the red one she had given me a couple of weeks ago was no longer challenging to me. Before I had a chance to ask her, she asked me was how things were going with the band. I said it wasn't as tough as it had been. She said, "Then let me go get you a new one." (Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Kim.)
* I am enormously grateful for how good my arms, chest, shoulders, and torso feel these days. Ten weeks ago today, one week after I had my surgery, I had grave concerns about whether I'd ever be able to pull clothes on and off over my head with ease again. Now I can barely remember how uncomfortable I was back them.
* I am grateful for the beauty of Arlene's memorial service last Saturday and how appropriate it was that on the same day and hour that I bid my friend farewell, I celebrated 22 years of marriage. Life, death, and love - all right there, mingled together and watered with my tears.

* I'm grateful for the rain we've received lately... and the brief bursts of sunshine as well.
* I'm grateful for the basil, mint, parsley, and tomatoes that are growing in small pots on our deck.
* I'm grateful for Wimbledon tennis, even though my two favorites, Roger Federer and Serena Williams, were both unceremoniously ousted far too early in this year's Championships.
* I'm grateful for the excitement of the Federations Cup soccer tournament held in Brazil recently - even though Spain lost badly to Brazil in the final game.

* I'm grateful for the barber who cuts my son's hair and for how often he and his colleagues ask how I'm doing and feeling.
* I'm grateful for his co-worker who cut Kristiana's hair last Saturday.
* I'm grateful to have so much hair now that I'm thinking about getting it cut! (The family thinks I shouldn't cut it yet, but I'm seriously considering it. I like it super-short now.)

* I'm grateful for the modesty, the beauty, and the simplicity of maxi dresses and skirts.
* I'm grateful for tank tops, necklaces, earrings, and flip flops too.

* I'm grateful for the photos that Gibbs is sending me from her time at the beach.
* I'm grateful that Katie and I are scheming as to how we can get back to the beach sometime soon.
* I'm grateful for Krystal, who will join me at a jazz concert tonight.
* I'm grateful for Jen who introduced me to her boyfriend who is the lead musician in the band we are going to see. 

* Flipping back through books I like, sometimes I take photos of quotes and images to store on my cell phone, cherished snippets of beauty and truth to keep with me when I am separated from my books. Here are a couple...

I know, I know. This last one is sideways.
I've never had trouble rotating photos in the past, 
but this one has resisted at least 10 attempts at rotation.
So I'm posting it anyway...
I think it's funny and ironic that this photo is insisting on a sidelying orientation.

* Last but certainly not least, the "page view" counter for my blog indicates that I have had more than 100,000 views. I am enormously, profoundly, joyfully, deeply honored and grateful that so many of you come here and read my rants and ravings. Your presence here, walking with me on my life's journey boosts my spirits, gives me strength, and serves as an encouragement to me to keep writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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