Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Here are a few of my favorite things and activities:

* the laptop I'm clicking away on right now

* making jewelry with Lisa

* talking on the phone with Karen

* fuji apple salad with Gibbs

* hanging out with Heather and snuggling with Graeme

* my daughter, not only when we are shopping together, but also when we are just hanging out here at home

* the way my husband still makes me laugh

* camisoles with skirts and loose-fitting cardigans

* the sound of my children talking, laughing, and listening to music together

* playing with my dog

* the gentle hands of my physical therapist as she loosens the skin around and under my surgery scars

* photobombing my son at Target

* not having to wear bras anymore

* family trips to Target and Trader Joe's

* decaf green kombucha tea

* a summer dress worn with espadrilles

* time spent on Pinterest looking at "travel wardrobe capsules" - who knew you could make over 100 outfits with only 10 or 12 garments???

* a good night's sleep

* clean laundry

* housesitting and dogsitting at a spectacular house on Lake Norman

* Wrangler, the Portuguese water dog in the picture, who head-butted me just as I took the photo (hence the closed right eye)

* lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon

* having dinner brought to me in bed at the end of the afternoon

* maxi dresses

* homemade cole slaw

* the television show, "Modern Family"

* hair!!!! I love how short it is and how easy it is to take care of

* never having to use rollers again

* texting late at night

* enjoying church again

* the e-class I'm taking at the moment: The Story of You

* the movie "Hope Springs"

* laughter

* having a life with so many simple and wonderfully light-hearted pleasures

******** I am grateful, so very grateful*********


Paul Bock said...

Good Day Gail:)

So great to hear that your Family is very attentive to your needs during your healing time. Looks like Wrangler can give serious head butts and Prayers continue for you Gail.You are a "inspiration" for All what is Good about Life...

Be Well...Be Safe...

Your Friend in Ohio,


heather l murphy said...

Hanging out with YOU is one my favorite things. Your beautiful spirit and laugh are a must for me (in person!) very often.