Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

These weeks are flying by. Thursday seems to get here quicker and quicker every week. The good news is that there is always so much to be thankful for.

Today I'm thankful for -

* the energetic and encouraging men and women who work at Presbyterian Hospital Matthews

* the two women who did my post-chemo echocardiogram this morning were funny, inquisitive about homeschooling, encouraging about my kanswer journey

* their good news - my heart looks strong even after chemo

* the fact that they broke ranks and gave me the good news on the spot and didn't make me wait to hear from the doctor

* the woman who did my paper work this morning is herself a recent breast kanswer survivor. She was high-spirited and caring. As she walked me to the echo area, she said, "I was meant to have you this morning." I appreciated her warm hug more than she will ever know.

* Gibbs!!! My closest, most faithful friend through this kanswer process. She left her house before 7 this morning to meet me for the echo. And then she treated me to breakfast. Where do such amazing people come from???

* my husband of 21+ years who celebrated his 48th birthday this week

* being able to surprise him with a night away from home at a local hotel

* the look on his face when I told him we weren't going home that night

* safe travel back and forth from all the places we go every day and every week

* the fact that my mother was not injured in the car accident she was involved in this morning

* the four "good samaritans" who got out of their cars to check on her after she was rear-ended

* quickly blanched broccoli and tri-color peppers sauteed with sea salt and freshly ground pepper

* time spent every day sitting on my yoga block, cross legged, eyes closed, mind quiet, steeped in peace

* the undeniable layer of peach fuzz on my head (and also on other body parts...)

* wandering through the Nordstrom shoe section with my daughter
 I am not a fan of high heeled shoes...
 especially after seeing this price tag!
 Flats are much more my style...
until I saw this price tag.

* I'm soooooooo grateful that I'm not "a shoe person."

* Recently I remembered an earlier post in which I declared that, in the face of kanswer and all its attendant treatments, I was not afraid. I had some time alone in my car today and used some of that time to take the pulse of my soul, my mind, my spirit in light of the fact that the first three days of next week will include meeting with my oncologist, my ob-gyn, and my surgeon in order to make final plans and decisions about surgery. I found that fear is still not a factor for me these days. I am not looking forward to the surgery that is soon to be scheduled. Nor am I looking forward to radiation treatments. However, I look forward to all of these treatments being behind me. But I am not afraid.

* Propped up in my bed on a sunny, cool Thursday evening in March, I am grateful to be alive, to be married, to have two children I adore, to have a kanswer support team that checks in with me regularly, and above all, I am grateful to be loved.


Sarah Ochoa said...

'time spent every day sitting on my yoga block, cross legged, eyes closed, mind quiet, steeped in peace'

oooommmmmm. I hear ya.


Nomads By Nature said...

You never cease to inspire --"take the pulse of my soul, my mind, my spirit" -- that is what I am taking away most from this post. Thank you for that gift. Continuing to keep your recovery in prayer...~wendy

Kate S said...

Love you, Gail, I went shoe shopping on Saturday, which is torture for me, and heels??? forget about it! :) wishing you peace.