Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Twelve things I wish would go away for good...

1. war
2. guns
3. sarcasm
4. violence of every kind
5. kanswer
6. illness of every kind
7. fear
8. prejudice
9. diet soda
10. dental cavities
11. toe shoes
12. starvation

Twelve things I'm grateful for...

1. sunshine
2. rain
3. laughter
4. books
5. a home I love
6. my friends
7. my collection of cross necklaces
8. sweet potato french fries
9. the lemon drop martinis, veggie burger, wild rice salad, french fries, and key lime pie at 131 Main
10. that baby smell
11. warm homemade chocolate chip cookies
12. airplane travel

Twelve questions...

1. If certain foods give you heartburn, why not stop eating those foods? Why choose medication to suppress the symptoms instead of prevention?
2. Why does my oncologist's office have Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Ensure in the fridge for patients, but no herbal tea, mineral water, or fresh juices?
3. Why do people park their pick-up trucks in compact parking spaces?
4. Why won't I stop buying journals even though I have at least 20 brand new ones already in my closet?
5. Ditto with pens - except I probably have 150 pens in my house and car...
6. When will I accept that there are people who love me and who actually do want to help me, especially at this time in my life?
7. Why don't my family members just put their empty bottles into the recycling bin? Why do they leave them on the kitchen counter?
8. Did people really eat Twinkies on a regular basis?
9. Why does that same bird peck on my front door every spring?
10. How do whales, butterflies, penguins, and birds know where to go when it's migration season?
11. What on earth motivated that first person to deep fry a Snickers bar?
12. Why do I wonder about these things when there are far more important things to wonder about?

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kelly w said...

LOVE these lists!