Saturday, March 17, 2012

No stories to tell, but so many stories to wonder about...

Everywhere we went, we saw children in school uniforms. Bookbags. Lacy socks. Shiny shoes. Hair in ribbons. Where did all these beautiful children come from? What were their dreams for their lives? What were their families' dreams for their lives?

They stood together in bunches. They sat close together in their classrooms. They gathered together before and after school.

They walked together, holding hands, arms draped around each other's shoulders, smiling bright, speaking softly.

I wanted to talk to every single one of them. Ask ten thousand questions. Follow them home. Meet their family members.

I wanted to hear all their stories. But all I could do was watch, listen, wish them well, and pray for them. I pray for their peace, health, safety. I pray for their future, their families, their faith. I pray that they will have enough to eat, that they will know they are loved, and that will they never lose hope.

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