Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another rainy morning on Hilton Head

We escaped our life in Charlotte on Friday morning and retreated to our favorite home away from home - a rental house on Hilton Head Island. It's our third time staying here - and we all love it.

We rent bikes. We walk on the beach. We eat too much. We laugh. We talk. We disagree about where to eat. We snap at each other's silly comments. We roll our eyes at each other's food choices. We go to our separate bedrooms and pretend that no one else is home. In other words, we take our show on the road. But here in Hilton Head, all our annoyances, all our bad habits, all our selfish tendencies, as well as our love for each other, our enjoyment of each other's company, and our gratitude that we are a family, that we are still a family after all these years, all that we are is surrounded by palm trees, alligators, herons, pine needles, turtles, sand, and surf.

Friday was sunny and bright and warm and wonderful.

Saturday was cloudy and warm and wonderful.

Sunday was drizzly and wonderful.

Monday was rainy, wet, windy, and wonderful.

Today, we go home - which is wonderful, too.

All in all, it was a good vacation. No matter what the weather, we were away from home. We were together. These four days were a reminder of something I said more than twenty years ago... something about sticking together for better or for worse.

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