Monday, August 15, 2011

A Big Day at Our House!

This morning, my daughter, my precious, sweet, and beautiful daughter, got on the bus with her backpack, her purse, her lunch, and went to school. TO COLLEGE! It's the first time she has ever taken the bus to school. From homeschooling to college. She did it. We did it. To God be the glory!!!

There goes the bus with my daughter on board.


And if that weren't enough good news for one proud Mom, then allow me to add this:
Our beloved, handsome, tall, hard-working son, is the North Carolina State Champion in singles and doubles for boys 14 and under!!! He came home from Cary, North Carolina, last night with both plaques after five days of tough tennis.

Who knew that dedication, commitment, strategy, determination, prayer, hard work, more prayer, candle-burning, practice, blood, sweat, tears, and a game plan could get you anywhere in this life???

To God be the glory! 
I offer many prayers of thanksgiving and praise for these two children of mine.
These past few years have certainly not been easy, 
but we have survived, we have thrived, 
and, in some ways, we have grown stronger as a family 
than any of us could have hoped, dreamed, desired, or imagined.
In other ways, there is still a whole lot of work to be done...

I am one happy, proud, excited, exhausted Mom.


Lisa said...

This is just FANTASTIC!!!

I'm almost weepy with joy and pride!!!

Warm heart and big smile on this end! :)

Blessings, high fives, and {{hugs}} to all of you!

Melanie said...

W-O-W!! What a big day, indeed! I know your heart swells with joy & thanksgiving on both counts! You have raised beautiful, kind, gifted children!! May they bring much glory to God!

Tricia said...

Congratulations to all of you. It really is a team effort getting to all the lessons, practices, games, etc. Will continue to watch as he soars even higher. The Cincy tournament is just finishing up, perhaps we will have the pleasure of watching your son play in our backyard one day!