Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My life at sea...

Let me correct that - my life at the seashore.
Sunshine. Biking. Smiling. More biking. Eating way too much. Biking to burn off those calories.
Have I already mentioned that I have become OBSESSED with bike riding? What will I do when I return to the busy traffic and absence of bike paths in my home city?

Stopping in the middle of a bike ride to get on the swings.

An evening ride to the beach.

Me and my new best friend.

Daniel, checking his texts before we ride.

My crew leaves me in the dust... in the sand, really.

A sandy city at sunset.

Life at the seashore makes me smile.

PS. these photos were taken with my blackberry camera. not bad.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Aw. So much fun! Lovely family photos!

(Daniel's legs look really loooooong on that swing!)

Glad you're having a great time on vacation. :)