Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm fairly certain that I've posted this poem before. I make no apologies for posting it again.

after the angels,
after the stable,
after the Child,
they went back...
as we always must,
back to the world that doesn't understand
our talk of angels and stars and especially not the Child.

We go back complaining that it doesn't last.
They went back singing praises to God!

We do have to go back, 
but we can still sing the alleluias!

From Kneeling in Bethlehem. Ann Weems @1987.

After surviving our first snowstorm of the season

and recovering in the spectacular home of an even more spectacular friend,

I am coming back and moving forward - singing the alleluias.

All is well, so very well. Thanks be to God!

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Lisa said...


Glad you're finding good, forward moving, peaceful, purposeful energy these days :)

LOVE those stripey socks!!!