Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sometimes the best thing to do is...

* go on a solo retreat here at home, honoring my desperate need to pull back and be alone

* not eat any dinner and drink asti spumante with my hubby on a Friday night

* be completely wrong about something, but go for it anyway

* let the clean laundry sit in the dryer unfolded for a day or two

Nope, not "sort of" - I am all the way right here...

* let myself off the hook

* live vicariously thru the lives of a few personal superheroes until I figure out the best and biggest way to live my own life

* acknowledge that I was wrong and set out to correct the mistake

* speak my own truth and live in it

* encourage someone I love to do the same

* just be silent and sit with her in her sorrow

* stock up on soup supplies for winter (I love Trader Joe's)

* accept a warm hug from the manager of the refrigerated section who said he almost spoke to me from behind the milk shelves but thought that would scare me too much so he came out to find me as I wandered in the store (Did I mention that I love Trader Joe's?)

* drop her off at the bus stop and drive away without looking back

* just say "enough" and mean it

* make a list, check it twice, and then do absolutely nothing on it

* walk the dog and stare up at the moon

* go cold turkey, feel the pain of withdrawal, and then bask in freedom from addiction

A cappuccino sweetened with rock candy

* indulge my secret passions (and the not-so-secret ones too)

* laugh at the major contradictions in my life and refuse to apologize for them

* stop saving the good stuff and use it every day

* clean up the mess even if I didn't make it

* make a mess and let someone else clean it up

* bake dark chocolate - mint cookie bars first thing in the morning and enjoy the smell all day long

* buy ice cream sandwiches on the same day I bake so I can choose which goodie I want to eat

* stand and stare into my pantry and give thanks for the bounty

Sunrise in Augusta, Georgia

* sit and stare at the photos that scroll by on my desktop and smile at the great memories

* lie down on the floor of my study and stare up at the ceiling

* wear my workout clothes all day but don't work out

* throw my head back and laugh out loud

Not sure how much I'd have to be paid to repair or replace roofs

* say hello to the guys repairing the roof of my therapist's office building as I enter the building; it must get lonely up there sometimes

* sleep late

* resist the urge to complain but give thanks for my many blessings instead

* turn off the computer and go to bed

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