Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life is too short for...

I'm loving the new decor and design at Caribou Coffee these days.
What can I say? I'm a sucker for things that look like they were hand-written.
Their logo - "Life is short. Stay awake for it"  - is a saying that I could easily adapt as my own. Who's got time to sleep eight hours each night when there are dozens of books to read, a handful of books to write (what am I waiting for???), people to talk to and write to, food to eat, beverages to drink??? There's simply isn't enough time to get it all done AND sleep. So stay awake!!!

The other phrase that appears at Caribou is:
Life's too short for - and then a list follows.
Fake anything
Putting profits before people
Over-roasted coffee
Crabby people
Waiting for change to happen
Wifi you have to pay for
(How many of those were chosen as critiques of Starbucks???!!!)

Here's my list:  Life's too short for

* complaining
* being unhappy
* basking in self-pity
* denying myself dessert
* begging for love and affection
* sitting through unimaginative movies or bland books or demeaning church services
* eating food that doesn't make me happy
* worry and fear
* missing out on opportunities to know and be known, to love and be loved
* sitting out too many dances
* uncomfortable shoes and clothes that are too tight
* being sarcastic and mean
* fighting with the people I love - or with anyone at all
* wasting time listening to angry people try to make me angry at and fearful of people and situations that have nothing to do with me

Instead, I plan to stay awake for:

* bold coffee and spicy tea
* food made with love and fresh ingredients (NOT made by me!!!)
* long, winding conversations with beautiful, kind, gentle, attentive friends
* laughter, deep belly-jiggling laughter
* game nights with my family
* class preparation - I have been asked to teach journaling as a spiritual discipline again
* taking photographs of my family, my friends, and my food
* blogging, facebook, texting, chatting - maintaining communication with my loved ones
* learning how to stand up, speak up, be calm, be strong, be at peace
* staring at the moon when the street is quiet and everyone but me is asleep
* filling the pages of my journal with dreams and plans and sorrows and disappointments too
* making journals from scratch: fold the watercolor paper, cut it, stitch it, paint it, and then fill it with myself
* silly reality television shows that take me far from my own reality
* learning contentment with the life I already have
* deep thought, quiet prayer, meditation on The Word
* living this life to the fullest, day by day, hour by hour, steeped in gratitude and joy


Martin said...

Hey love your post! Always on the lookout for List Life related articles for my blog. I hope to see more from you!


Tricia said...

I am laughing because I recently discovered Caribou myself and was enthralled by their napkins and brochures. The logo and colors are awesome.

Was also reading your archives last week dating back to either Sept. 2005or 2006. Every fall when school is about to start I, like yourself, find myself salivating over all the new finds. It's actually a good time to stock up on tape, etc. At least that is what I tell my husband as he drops me off at Target, Office Depot, teacher supply stores and Big Lots. Oops, almost forgot all the new calendars. Love calendars and am always on a search for that perfect one.

Something about your writing always speaks to my spirit. You truly have been given an enviable gift. Recognizing our similarities is a fun bonus.