Sunday, June 27, 2010

8 Things I Love About Summer

1. No fixed schedule of events or activities - freedom to roam (until my kids call me on my cell phone and ask me to come pick them up and take them someplace that they are dying to get to, right now, right now... "Come on, Mom. What are you doing that you can't stop and come meet my immediate and urgent needs?")

2. Going for long walks in shorts and a tee shirt - and sometimes walking thru sprinklers (even though I cannot imagine how people still justify using the same water they drink and bathe in to water their poisonous lawns when every other month we hear on the news that we are living in drought conditions.)

3. The summer solstice (not that I worship the sun. I just like knowing which day is the longest one so I can stay up just a few minutes later than I already do.)

4. Seeing - and sometimes asking to touch - little babies' teeny tiny toes (So far, none of the parents seem too creeped out by how much I stare at their children's itty-bitty body parts. Wait, I'm not sure that came out right...)

5. Friends that hibernated through winter come out of hiding (Do people really hibernate? Or am I just too dull to realize that these people no longer want to be my friends but because I'm so pushy and they've had so many summer cocktails, they finally respond to my relentless stalking???)

6. Sleeveless tops, skirts, and flip flops - my summer uniform (Yup, I'm a 44 year old still talking about wearing a uniform. What the heck is up with that? Grow up, G. Put on some jeans!)

7. Summer fruits that are all sweet and juicy (I do like fruit. It's always ready to eat. No cooking necessary. Just rinse and eat. Repeat as desired. My kind of food!)

8. Basil growing in pots on the deck (No, Laurie and Lisa, I will never have a 40-acre garden that I harvest from and live off of all year long. These basil pots are all I can handle. And the truth is, it's my daughter who planted the seeds and waters them. I just take credit for it because I bought the seeds and the organic soil. That counts, doesn't it? We are using organic soil - whatever that is...)

I do love summer.

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Laurie said...

A few pots of Basil is a great start. And if you want some "40 acre gardening experience" stop over! I will find a weed or two for you to pull but then you can also enjoy some sweet produce on your dinner plate. Or, even better you can pop a cherry tomato all warm from the sun straight into your mouth!!!! Oh the pleasure of it all!!!!