Friday, October 16, 2009

Where I'm hanging out these days...

I'm spending most of my time seeing after these two beautiful people I live with and who are doing a great job raising me.

I'm trying to give up this title. I took the photo of the mugs at a bookstore in order to avoid adding more stuff to the surface of my already messy desk and life.

Robert Benson wrote that Ed Farrell said that sometimes we go away on retreat to "walk the shoreline of our own being and see what has washed up in the night."

That's exactly what I am hoping to do next week. I'm heading out for a few days of quietness, prayer, walking by the sea, listening, learning, preparing myself to hunker down and press through the remainder of the fall, winter, the holidays. I'm heading off for some spiritual exercises, to strengthen these weary shoulders.

(Addendum: Trip was cancelled. Will be walking the shoreline of my life this week, but right here at home...)

Sometimes life happens so fast, so furiously, and then so slowly, so grudgingly that I find it difficult to put much into words. Those are the times when I marinate in other people's musings. Here are a few I have been pondering recently...

First of all, the dazzling Jen Gray.
Then there is the ever-thoughtful Launa, telling the truth as she is finding it playing out in her life.
Lisa often finds a way to capture the struggles that capture my attention so often.
Before the last several big events, trips, and otherwise important moments of my life, I have turned to this beautiful piece by Jen Lee to help settle my jitters and go in peace.
One of my favorite pastors, Jonathan Scott, must have been reading my journals before he wrote this piece on prayer and doubt and weakness and wondering when it will be my turn to get God to do what I want Him to do.


Lisa said...

Oh, SO sorry to hear that your retreat must be canceled. (Or...maybe just postponed?)

When you mentioned it, I found myself wondering, "What more could Gail *possibly* have to learn about prayer!?!?!?"

You have more strength, wisdom, courage, and faith that you realize, dear one. You can rest in the knowledge that it will be enough to carry you through these coming days.


Launa said...

Hey there, sweet Gail,

It's a funny life we lead, isn't it? I love that you get to spend so much time with your two people.

I wonder how you found my (other) friend Jen Lee? Through the blogosphere? Do you know her? When you are next in Brooklyn, I'll get you both together. Launa