Friday, August 28, 2009

Guerrilla Goodness

I'm one week into the Mondo Beyondo class. So far, so most excellent. Loving every assignment; but I am a geek at heart.

Today's assignment was to take some of the notes of love and kindness and encouragement we received on the first day of the class and share them. Leave them in places we frequent so that other people can be reminded that their dreams matter. That they are not alone.

I ducked into a favorite restaurant for a solo dinner tonight with my journal and a book I'm thoroughly enjoying. I left a note on the table and tucked another one into the credit card receipt thingee - what is the proper name for that folder thing?

Included in the assignment was the promise that we would receive extra credit if we took photos of our acts of guerrilla kindness. What kind of geek would I be if I didn't go for the extra credit???

Here are my photos!

PS. The super crunch roll, spring rolls, and glass of plum wine made for quite the yummy dinner.


jen said...

i am about to set off to accomplish my secret mission today! LOVE your blog! bookmarked it!
happy dreams!

heather l murphy said...

oh, what fun photos and your evening sounded lovely!! i look forward to reading your blog more too. i am headed over to the library on Rae Rd/51 for a drop off *wink *wink

Moneesha said...

I think it's just called a bill folder :o)

lulliloo said...

this class looks amazing! please keep sharing what you get out of the experience...