Saturday, June 20, 2009


Is it me, or does it seem like nearly every website and blog is trying to get me to buy something? I know that when I walk into a store, the shopkeeper's goal is to get me to spend my money on something. But on every blog too? Really? I find it most fascinating when those websites are about saving the planet, living greener, being more environmentally aware and conscious --> "Now that you have read my words of wisdom and encouragement, click a few more buttons and buy this sorting basket, this bin, this book, this handmade something or other, this program, this series. Buy something here, now, from me. Save the planet; buy my stuff."

Is it me, or are several of my friends, women I respect, whose writing I really like, making the decision to stop blogging because life is calling them to live rather than just to write?

The truth is that I have been drawn away from my computer lately.
Drawn away from facebook and blogger and email.
Drawn to walking in our neighborhood.
To taking trips with the children - and alone.
Drawn to making phone calls and creating hand-written letters and planning (gasp!) face-to-face conversations.
To playing games and making up games.
To finding "the nut," the core, the root of the thing, the things,
the person, the people who matter most to me.
Seeking. Finding. Resting. Rejoicing.
Aha moments. Tearful moments. Shared moments. Solitary moments.
Beauty, so much beauty. Laughter. Quietness. Grace.
Holding space, making space for all of this. For me.

Hmmm... I'm pondering a few questions over here...
And sitting silently in and with the questions.
Perhaps someday the answers will come.
For now, I wait. wonder.


Lisa said...

Yes, I hear you. I agree. Things are changing. People's lives are shifting. We are witnessing a transformation of grand proportion.

For me, being drawn to many of things you mentioned as well, the key is live in the both/and instead of the either/or.

I adore blogging. It has been an irreplaceable part of helping me save my own life. Not to mention the friendships and inspiration that have developed as a result!

I have not joined Facebook or Twitter, having not been remotely interested in being a part of that exposure and environment. For me the blog is enough. A place to chronicle the tremendous transformation taking place and find and acknowledge others who are living the same.

Art. Photography. Kindred spirits. Fellow travelers. Company in the misery and in the ecstasy. The blogosphere enriches my days and soothes my soul ~ while also challenges me to greater parts of myself and the world.

So, like you, I wait and wonder. In this Life/Death/Life cycle...what will change next? What will go away? What gifts will be added in their place?

As Lulliloo said, "Go, live the life you were meant to live!". I am practicing the art of doing that very thing, and also sharing the process in this forum along the way.

Thank you for this post ~ for honoring the writers who have touched you deeply as you read their blogs ~ for commemorating their moving on to other realms of expression ~ for listening to the whispers of your heart ~ and having the wisdom to follow its call.

jmgb said...

yes, holding space, creating space, carving out shelter for the sacred~ thank you for sharing my writing gail and for your support with this transition~ love to you.

Laurie said...

Take a rest if you must but please don't stop blogging. I would so miss your writing and peeking quietly into your life and the lives of those adorable people you call "family". *smile and hug*

GailNHB said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments and encouragement and your presence in my life. I don't plan to stop blogging just yet, that's for sure. Another thing I know for sure is that I will miss your blog, Mel. Peace and rest and grace and strength and courage and much love be yours, each and all of you.