Friday, April 17, 2009


a nap in the sun
is the perfect antidote
to whatever ails you.

Sometimes our dog, Maya, teaches me the most profound and true lessons.
Oh that I would listen and learn more attentively.
Watching her nap so peacefully, I had to smile.
And wonder at her total surrender to that spot in the sun.

Then the lesson came: be here now.
Surrender fully to live this moment, this situation in this place.
Right here, right now.

The truth is not only that "all shall be well,"
but it is also this: "all is well right now."
Wherever I am, whatever I am facing,
all is exactly as it should be.
Whatever "it" is.


Lisa said...


This photo melted my heart :-)

Surrender ~ and a nap in the sun...indeed.

Karen Maezen Miller said...


Amy said...

We can learn a lot from our pets. They have no stress (except when mom and dad might leave them at the kennel). Ah, to nap, eat, and take leisurely walks ...

Independent Chick said...

A great picture and a fabulous post. Thank you.