Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Long Pew

The cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua.

It's a new blog I discovered yesterday.
Connected to one of my favorite authors, Robert Benson.
A contemplative soul who writes what I think.
Check out the blog - it's a conversation between two men on their faith journey.
Co-travelers like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.
Remembering and retelling their own stories, hoping that Christ will show up again.
To talk to them. To listen to them. To walk with them.

And then check out Robert's website.
More of his writing.
More about his books.
Gentle, thoughtful, wise, inquisitive.
Good stuff.


robert benson & ben stroup said...


I'm the other guy who writes with Robert Benson on The Long Pew. Thanks so much for the mention, and I'm glad you're enjoying the conversation. Feel free to stop by and join our conversation any time.

Blessings, Ben.

Amy said...

What a GREAT discovery! It's going on my regular read list! I hope you're doing well!