Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nine down, seven to go...

The inspiration for this blog came from the Brevity online magazine. The link is provided in my list of links on the sidebar. Click there, open "Brevity 24," and look for the piece called "Nine Days." I laughed out loud and did a wierd little dance when I read it - soooo wishing I could do exactly what she did before my 42nd birthday... which comes this December. There's still time, I guess.


Years of motherhood: 14.25 (including 42 weeks of pregnancy with Kristiana)

Injections of drugs to ease the pain of childbirth: 0

Total number of bottles of formula fed to my children: 0

Total number of months I breastfed the two of them: 31

Number of cloth diapers I emptied into the toilet, soaked overnight in our washing machine, roasted in the dryer, and then applied to their fine, rash-free fannies: I don't even want to know

Hours I waffled over the decision to homeschool them once I learned about it and read my first library book on homeschooling: one half

Years of homeschooling: 9 (unless I include the time it took to teach her to eat and talk and use the bathroom)

Years since my last paycheck: 13.75

Days when I have awakened in a panic about being woefully unprepared for teaching them everything they need to know to walk boldly, nobly, and uprightly in this world: 4,837

Days when I have concluded that sending them to school is the best way to prepare them to walk boldly, nobly, and uprightly in this world: 0

Moments I have regretted any of the above: 0

Moments I have wondered what all of this will amount to seven years from now when my children are both in college: Countless

Minutes after dropping Daniel off at college before I head to the airport for a solo vacation of indeterminate length: no more than 30

PS. Daniel may fly over and out of the cuckoo's nest far sooner than I expected. He is scheduled to take the entrance exam and be interviewed for Charlotte Christian School tomorrow morning.

Minutes I spent trying to talk him out of his desire to go to "real school:" 0

How glad I am that he doesn't consider our one-room fun house a "real school" - Incalculable

How much I am looking forward to the possibility of a 1:1 teacher-student ratio with my dear daughter: Incalculable

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