Monday, September 18, 2006

Falling into Fall

Leonie's post on springing into spring got me to thinking ( check it out at First of all, it's somewhat mind-boggling to me to think of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in shorts and bathing suits by the sea. Secondly, I've gotta get to the land down under sometime. Not only would I love to meet Leonie in person, but I'd also like to visit the Hillsongs Church and hear that amazing choir in person. Hmmm... I guess I've got a trip to plan.

As much as I look forward to that journey, I know it's a long way off. So for now, I will focus my attention on the here and now. The arrival of autumn, the foliage of fall, the end of summer.

What do I hope for and look forward to this fall?
What do I want the fall of 2006 to be remembered for?

- hunkering down with the kids for homeschooling

- hot tea as we read and journal. Sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes here in the homeschooling room, sometimes out on the deck in the cool morning air

- creating cards for the holidays and other celebrations

- joyous birthday celebrations: Antonio's birthday today. Daniel's 10th birthday this Friday. Kristiana's 13th birthday the day before Halloween. My 41st big day in December.

- regular exercise to stave off the layer of blubber that can accumulate during the long winter months

- preparation for the trip to Spain and the class on journaling I will teach there

- speaking words of encouragement and support to the social workers on Halloween

- a renewal of commitment, love, and passion to Steve and to our marriage

- resurrecting our old favorite winter recipes: vegetarian sweet potato chili, orzo soup with ground turkey meatballs, italian wedding soup, caramelized onion pizza, baked brie with almonds and brown sugar, apple cobbler

- discovering new recipes for soups and stews to keep us warm and strong

- finding a sturdy and weighty soup pot in which to bring those recipes to life - on sale, of course

- an all-day writing retreat this Saturday and coming home with lots of ideas to keep me writing all fall and winter

- new seasons of ER and The Office

- always giving thanks for the bounty we enjoy

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Goddess of Leonie said...

Dearest Gail you beautiful soul,

You simply must come to visit! That would be so spectacular... I truly would love to meet you in real life... I have met you in dreams, but what an amazing delight it would be to have you here in Australia, showing you this beautiful piece of earth I call home :)

I love the sound of your autumn... i love how we each learn from each other in the way we celebrate our seasons...

With much love and joy,