Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Today's Happiness...

Ali Edwards ( has begun a new blog with a simple title: "What is your happiness today?" The answers to that question are my Thursday Thirteen today.

1. Going for a walk at 6:30 this morning - with my husband.
2. Watching a Beth Moore video with my children today - she's one of my favorite Bible teachers. Even though I didn't ask my children to watch with me, one-by-one they joined me while it was on, and each of them decided to stay to the end.
3. Having lunch today with a dear friend at Dean and DeLuca.
4. Picking up the children afterwards and going to Blockbuster where we each picked something to enjoy.
5. Going from there to my mother-in-law's place to visit with her for about half an hour. She was all smiles when we left.
6. Knowing that by doing #6, I earned some "serious brownie points" with hubby-dear.
7. Making and enjoying a quick, easy, and delicious vegetarian meal for dinner tonight.
8. Listening to my children share last night's leftover chicken after arguing about who would get it earlier in the afternoon. (I guess their meal won't be entirely vegetarian, hunh? Plus, I am enormously grateful that they are arguing over the leftovers rather than snubbing their noses at them!)
9. Getting some excellent reading and journaling done this week. Stickers and markers are so much fun.
10. Finding a book at Border's that will help me immensely with a class I have to teach.
11. Mostly watching but partly helping Daniel make a collage of pictures of himself doing various athletic activities.
12. Watching World Cup soccer with him; he does love sports.
13. Mostly watching but partly helping Kristiana get things ready for camp; she'll leave on Monday morning and return Friday evening. I hope she has a blast.

14. The best one of all - knowing that I could write 13 more things for which I am grateful this afternoon. That's a very good problem to have. Very good indeed.

What's your happiness today?

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