Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Few Questions I've Been Pondering...

* What do the words "wild abandon" and "unbridled passion" mean to me? When was the last time I felt either of those emotions? When will I feel them again?

* What (or whom) am I passionate about? What lights the fire in my soul? Am I living out my passions or just talking and writing about them?

* What (or who) gets me up and excited in the morning? What makes me smile and sigh as I fall off to sleep at night? What do I dream about over and over?

* What does it mean to "savor" life? To savor a friendship, an afternoon with my daughter, that first cup of morning coffee? Is it possible to savor every moment of life in some way?

* What do I want to be known for, characterized by? What am I doing to make it so?

* If the life I am now living - relationally, emotionally, spiritually, physically - never changed to any significant degree for the rest of my life, would that be okay with me? If not, what am I doing to change my life and make it the best it can be?

* What random acts of busyness keep me from doing the intentional acts of joyfulness that I ought to be carrying out?

* What other questions ought I be asking and answering?

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