Saturday, March 04, 2006

Simple Pleasures from this week gone by...

eating salad and pizza for lunch with my daughter

sharing a scoop of ice cream with her

listening to the boys on the block play basketball in our driveway even though my son isn't at home; they just like it here

having a new laptop computer to play with and on: it's all mine!

finding great summer sandals and sneakers in my gargantuan shoe size

seventy degree days earlier this week - and it was still February! (It's back down in the upper 50's today.)

a long talk with a neighbor out on the front lawn this morning while Maya lay in the grass nearby

taking daffodils and fresh fruit to my mother-in-law after her lumpectomy

her sincere gratitude as she ate a banana while lying in bed

receiving email that touches my soul and moves me to tears

chocolate almond toffee

sandalwood incense

watching my daughter make jewelry and cards for her best friend

the promise of "a long,long letter" from a very dear friend: bring it on!

having both children plead with me to keep reading when I come to end of a cliff-hanging chapter

Daniel's unbridled excitement when he saw the results of a science experiment he'd done: he's a geek after my own heart!

seeing photos of Leonie's dog, Charlie, and her sweet Chris: her two favorite fellas

watching my own little Maya nearly flip herself over wagging her tail with all her might

the opening of a new Target store in our area (like I need ONE more thing in my house!)

knowing that tomorrow will begin another week, one that will hopefully bring joys and delights all its own

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Moneesha said...

... and thank God for those simple pleasures for they are those that bring us quiet joy. Miss & Love you, Monee.