Saturday, February 18, 2006

I am not ashamed of "The Gospel"

It's the story of rebellion.
Of redemption.
Of reconciliation.
Of restoration.

It's the story of a son who left home after his mother died and returned many years later when another crisis erupts. There is a bad son. There is good son. There is a beloved older woman who looks after them both. There are disagreements, misunderstandings, shadowy figures lurking in the background, and the relentless pursuit of the one who has left home.

It's a movie that is well-worth seeing; it's called "The Gospel."
If nothing else, the music will make you get off your seat and move your feet.

But the gospel music is not the point. The story that the music tells is.
The point is that no matter how far we wander from The Way,
no matter how vehemently we reject The Father,
no matter how repulsive the attitudes and behaviors I exhibit towards myself, others, as well as The Father,
He has already forgiven me.
He longs to see me return, to welcome me home, and to offer me his unmerited grace and favor.

The question I answered many years ago was this: will I cling to my pride and remain in the pigpen in which I find myself or will I humble myself and receive the pardon I so desperately need and that He so freely offers?

It's a simple yet profound story, but it's the most important story I've ever heard.
It's the profoundly simple story that began to transform my life long before I saw this movie.
It's "The Gospel"

See it.
Then read The Book, the greatest love story ever told.
After all, the book is always better than the movie.

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