Thursday, January 26, 2006

On the road again...

On Jen Gray's blog today, I read the following:
(She's a great photographer as well as an insightful and honest writer.
Check her out:


why did you move there?
what are you doing?
will you conutinue to do photography?
are you going to stay?
will you go back to teaching?
have you made any friends?

and the answer: I DONT KNOW.

all i know is that each morning i build a fire,
put on my hat while i sip my coffee, and then...
i just follow

i have never been this slow in my entire life.
but i think somehow i am finally catching up to myself.
and i think i may even like who is showing up."
I could write my own set of very similar questions:
why are you going there?
what will you do?
will you continue writing?
will you ever get back to teaching school?
have you made any friends?

And my answer would be the same: I do not know.

So this weekend, I will go up into the mountains of North Carolina alone.
To think.
To write.
To read.
To walk.
To take some photos of my own.
To try to answer some of these questions.
And who knows? I may meet Jen Gray there; after all, I will be going to the very same town where she is living at the moment. Seeking her own answers. Walking, reading, writing, and taking photographs.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I will wake up, make and sip fresh coffee, curl up with my journal, look out over the mountains, and follow my thoughts, my pen, my colored markers, and my wild imagination to the next thought, word, and imaginary place for as long as I want. I will bathe slowly and luxuriously. I will take short and long walks, short and long naps, and short and long writing sessions. I'm looking forward to the slow pace, the complete lack of a schedule, the peace that comes from quiet solitude.

The thought of catching up to myself, of being reacquainted with my own interests and thoughts, sleeping late two mornings in a row, eating and drinking whatever I choose whenever I choose and without having to share, worry about food allergies, do the dishes, or makd sure everyone has everything they need before I can sit down to eat -- these are truly revolutionary concepts for me. The possibility that I will discover a more profound understanding of myself, my dreams, my goals, and perhaps my doubts, fears, and concerns as well - just the possibility thrills me.

I'm off to finish packing, get some sleep, and hit the road in the morning.
Wish me traveling mercies, okay?

Buon viaggio, Gail


Alexandra G said...

I just found your site by searching to see who else loved Traveling Mercies! it seems you and I have a lot of books and movies we love in common. I'm new to this blogging universe and just wanted to say hello. I hope you have wonderful weekend. I very much enjoyed your site entries!

Lori said...

Hey Gail, That is so cool that you are going away for some time for thinking and writing. So very cool. I need a break. At any rate I enjoyed Jen Grays site. Do you know her. Have a great week. Lori from HOPE