Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This is a test...

this is only a test. Here´s how it works. Go to Spain with the promise of internet access in your rented apartment. Oops, no access there. Find a place where you and the kids can sit next to each other and have access at the same time. Oops, that place goes down for a few days.

New idea: just stay connected to Me, says the Lord God on High.

Well, that´s a little high-minded, I know. But such has been our predicament. Finally the Rodilla computers came back up after days of being out of service. We injected ourselves with this Internet-crystal-cocaine thing. And now we are off to the park, to an early lunch, to meet a friend at the airport train station in two days, to go back to the airport on Monday and meet Steve! Then eight more days. And then we return to Charlotte.

It´s all going too fast. And it´s been amazing - most of the time. I´ll do a lot more writing upon my return. Well, after we restore DSL service to the house. Apparently, there´s a problem there as well. Things that make me say, "Hmmmm..."

Well, I´d better go before these few moments run out and I am left once again without connection to you all - my dear and loyal friends and fans.

Grace and peace to you all, Gail

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