Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Now it's time to say 'Good-bye"...

The day of my departure has arrived. Our bags are packed. Patience is in my backpack right next to the chocolate-mint Balance Bars. The children have new sneakers and a renewed spirit of adventure. I have my colored pencils and markers in my carry-on, but what I hope will be marked with indelible ink is my soul. So many museums to see, parks to explore, hills, vales, and villages to be awed by. I will miss my house, my friends, and my life here, but all of this will be enhanced, perhaps even profoundly, by leaving it behind for a few days. Certainly, that is my hope, my wish, my dream for this journey.

It's going to be cool and cloudy in London during the next week - at least in comparison with the weather here in North Carolina. May our hearts be warmed, our spirits be transformed, and our minds be newly informed in the coming fortnight. I may try to duck into an Internet cafe on the road and write something short, but I may just collect tidbits of stories along the way and share them when I return.

Please say a prayer for us. Light a candle for us. Relax into a full Lotus pose and meditate for us. However you do it, remember us in your thoughts and prayers. I will do the same.

Bye for now, GailNHB

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