Monday, October 18, 2004

Here I go...

I never thought I'd be one of those people who blogs. I'm not exactly sure what this means. Does it mean that I have finally lost my mind and have joined the masses of people who will spend countless hours writing onto a website (is this even a website?) in the hopes that some kindred spirit will share a favorite book and we might meet on the Virtual Superhightway? Does this mean that I will be discovered as a great writer who is wasting her time on the Internet when the whole world wants to and desperately needs to hear my voice? Who really cares?

This is my place in the world. Where I write and edit and publish all by myself. And this is great fun. This is my life. This is my journey. This is where I get to add to it and take away from it and change it as I see fit.

I have surfed a few blogs. I am impressed at the creativity of my fellow bloggers. I am moved by how many people in the world are reaching out to be seen and heard and touched. It's amazing how many people share my interests. It's reassuring to know I am really not the only one reading the books I read and watching the movies I watch. Here's to finding each other finally. Here's to bridging the gaps that seem to separate us. Here's to reconnecting with ancient souls - those within us already and those wanderers yet to be discovered.

Grace and peace to all who find their way here.
Traveling mercies to all of you on your own life journeys.


Diane Pierce said...

Hi Gail,
How much fun is this!!! I love what you write...always. I am not a writer, but have a great appreciation for those who do...I will be checking your blog at times...have created my own sight, but haven't written anything yet.
love and blessings, Diane

Anonymous said...

Gailie, how have you managed to examine yourslef so much, and why? You make me feel vacuous because you know so much about yourself and all i want in life is a twinkie and a guiness, and a bar on the beach in jamaica so i wave good bye to fools as they rush back to the rat i a waste of flesh becuse i have not dug into the roots of my heart? every once in a while i do it but not every morning.....i get up and run to clear my sinuses in the morning and enjoy blowing snot rockets like a champion farmer in the early morning darkness when i know no one can my flem in the grass like an entry in your journal, smile??and you know while i am running i am cursing my life and thanking god for it incase he is listening....the grass is always greener unless its flemer....well you made me reflect thanks. Your coulda woulda shoulda